“It is indeed a deep feelings of pride, privilege and honor to be one of your scholars, and once again, you have proven the profound generosity of SGV to the financially-lacking but deserving students.”
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Alvin S. Caballero, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

“I am happy to tell you that I graduated with honors specifically a cum laude. I owe half of my college years to the scholarship grant and in return I did my best to be worth your scholar.”
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Teresita B. Santos, University of Santo Tomas

“After earning my license as a CPA and after experiencing teaching at my beloved alma mater, I am ready to face the world. And SGV, being the leading firm in the profession, was a natural choice. […] To date, I am having a great time with my work and a great relationship with my office mates.”
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Albert A. Pagsanjan, University of the Philippines-Diliman

“May God Almighty continue to shower His blessings to your Foundation for your kindness. May you also continue to share your graces to the students like me who are badly in need of your support for them to realize and materialize their dreams.”
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Aloha D. Consing, Silliman University

“The scholarship grant has greatly helped me in my studies. […] I’m really grateful for the help SGV has given me especially now that school fees are always increasing.”
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Roan Marie R. Moralidad, Silliman University

“Now is like a new beginning. I am to face all the challenges that life has to offer. I am a bit scared, nervous and excited, but given the right training and guidance, I know that success is not that far. This, I can only obtain from the best training ground for fresh graduates and aspiring CPAs like me, where else but here in SGV & Co.
“As my contract with the SGV Foundation requires I will have to render two years of service in this high-status company of professionals. The honor is certainly mine in doing so. I am expecting a fruitful professional life in SGV.”

Mark E. Antonio, University of the East-Caloocan

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