SGVF supports GK community health

In May 2011, the SGV Foundation fulfilled its commitment to help build 88 homes at the Gawad Kalinga (GK) Village 88. But its desire to help the community did not end there. While working for the community’s sustainable development, it was determined that additional support was needed for the community in Camarin, Caloocan to thrive and grow.

Health is one area of development identified by GK. Gawad Kalusugan (GKal), the health program that GK is promoting, was established to enable people from the GK community to develop their own system, through the efforts of Gawad Kalinga volunteers who monitor and care for the health of their respective communities.
From November 21 to November 31, 2011, a Health Workers’ Training Program was organized by SGV & Co.’s Jennifer Ticlao and Katrina Francisco to encourage GK communities members to volunteer for Gawad Kalusugan. 28 people were identified from three GK sites in Camarin, namely, Swiber GK Village, SGV GK Village and Trend Micro GK Village, as potential community health workers.

Volunteer doctors and nurses were invited to facilitate the training sessions. Health workers also received much-needed materials such as health kits, scrub suits, and medical equipment, thanks to donations from the SGV Foundation and SGV & Co. staff.

Trained and committed GK health service providers successfully emerged from the program. These new health workers will be able to assist in fulfilling the mission and vision of the GKal program to build healthy and empowered GK communities.

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