In 1966, on SGV’s 20th year, Washington SyCip, together with co-founder Alfredo M. Velayo and partners Cesar E. A. Virata, Benjamin V. Abela, and Erlinda T. Villanueva, established the SGV Foundation, Inc.

W. SyCip relates in his biography that he wanted to develop social consciousness among his partners, to show their concern for the country and the community. With their good income, he made them contribute to the SGV Foundation. He set the example himself by contributing larger than anyone else. Since then, it has become a welcome practice for SGV and its partners to contribute part of their annual earnings to the Foundation. SGV and its people, too, have made the Foundation the channel of their social responsibility undertakings.

In adherence to its primary purposes, the Foundation for the last 45 years has encouraged the promotion of the industrial, business and management sciences through financial assistance and support, grants, scholarships, and research. Learning institutions, entrepreneurs, researchers, students and educators have been main beneficiaries of these efforts.

Alongside, the Foundation has undertaken projects relating to social, moral and economic development of communities and families with the end in view of promoting the general welfare of society.

Today, the Foundation also partners with other foundations in various projects that are aligned with its goals and objectives.

The Foundation is accredited with the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) as a qualified donee-institution recognized by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It is a member of the League of Corporate Foundations and Association of Foundations.

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